Here is some of our recent work in Alaska. Click here to see more of our public art.

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• Fresh out of the kiln!
• Clark Middle School, Alaska
• Begich Middle School, Alaska
Gold Line at East LA CivicCntr


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  Beautiful Layers!  
  Fresh out of the kiln!
Yami Duarte has done it again! With her krayzee krafty experiments with tile, glaze and kiln concoctions, she has been producing wonderfully saturated, textured, organically shaped original tile works to be used in our newest projects! We've even found a way to get actual Braille marks into the work for the visually impaired! Always pushing forward and trying new things!
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  Clark Middle School - Anchorage, Alaska  

Location: Clark Middle School, Anchorage, Alaska

Title of the Artwork: "Idaghdhilinh Yup'ik-Young People"

Size of the Artwork (HxWxD):
9 each 2'x8' columns; 36 each 4' x 3'

Artist's Statement:
Pictures of the students hand-drawn into line drawing on acetate and composed. Projected on substrate and drawn in color-coded line. Pigment is hand-brushed using tonal gradation to control or abstract the form.

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  Begich Middle School - Anchorage, Alaska  

Begich Middle School Project Narrative

The Concept

• To design and fabricate an interior mural hand-painted in acrylic polymer on a PfifferGrad fiberglass mesh substrate.
• To provide a design that shows the mascot Snow Leopard and student figures.

The Design and Fabrication

My work always seems to start by focusing on the figure. I like to look into the relationship that people have with each other's history and culture. The design technique involves research in which I conduct interviews, take photo studies, and gather historical and archival graphics. These can range from local newspapers to family photos to historical archives to my own photo studies. In this case, I am using a design that is made up of 12 students whose photos I took at the Begich Middle School.

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  Metro Goldine at East LA Civic Center - Delgado Tile Work  
This month's newsletter video is a quick capture of the Metero Gold Line stopping at East LA Civic Center where we did the tile work on the entryway a few years back. The colors are holding up nicely - strong, bright and well saturated!